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The required transportlicenses for your cargo

Company and personnel certifications

At the foundation security and safety stands certification. For our services, but also for our employees. This ensures you that we transport your cargo safely. Antonisen works with its own drivers exclusively, who have all the right certifications required to transport any type of goods safe, secure and knowledgable. Our drivers have the following certificates:

  • ADR goods
  • ADR class 1 & 7
  • Tank
  • Certificate of Conduct
  • WECG (Explosives for Civil use)
  • CODE 95


In addition, as a company we also have all relevant and important certifications required for the transport of ADR goods, Class 1, and regular goods. Besides that we comply with the various certifications and international quality standards:

  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • BKA
  • Section 5
  • WECG (Explosives for Civil use Law)
  • WWM (Dutch Firearms and munition Law)

The safest transport for your goods

Would you like to know if we have the right certifications to transport your goods? Please contact us, to look at the possibilities together with you!

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Safe, Secure & Efficient transport

At Antonisen, safety comes first at all times. Whether we transport strategic goods, regular, ADR or class 1: We always ensure appropriate measures suitable for the cargo. To ensure safe and compliant transport, we work with the prescribed safety measures.



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