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Guidance & regulations for safe transport

Our expertise goes further than just being your forwarder. We also have expertise in (obtaining)permits, guidance, documentation, customs clearance and national legislations.

All are necessary for an expedition to run smoothly. As a logistics specialist we are always up-to-date on the latest changes in regulations and legislations. For this reason, we collaborate with agencies and external partners. Not only for domestic transport, but also for bilateral transport.

Upon arrival

Arrived at the final destination, we ensure that the transport arrives at it’s exact destination location. Even if a crane has to be involved to offload the cargo at it’s location. We distinguish ourselves by always taking that extra step to take away every concern with regard to your logistics matters.

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Your mission support


45+ years of experience

Intercontinental transport of strategic goods.

The right permits

Secure & compliant network.

Transport throughout all of Europe

Inbound & outbound logistics.

Forwarding Specialist

Active in the logistics sector since 1930.

Safe, Secure & Efficient transport

Since 1930 we have been active in the sector. Originally focused on regional and national transport, to later expend into goods transport at European and global level. Due to the diversity of cargo, it is decided for each type of goods how they can be transported most safely, securely and efficiently. When transporting your goods, we always comply fully with the strict (European) legislations regulations.

With more than 85 years of knowledge and expertise, we at Antonisen know better than anyone how to advise you on most convenient and efficient transportroutes.

We make a distinction between the following types of goods:

  • Regular goods
  • ADR
  • Class 1
  • Strategic goods

There aren’t many routes that are unknown to us. If we propose a new transport route, our own team will explore the route prior to the actual transport. We never work unprepared, with any transport.


All transports are prepared to the last detail

Worldwide transport. Safe, Secure & compliant

With 85+ years of experience in transport across Europe, our transport services are covered by a wide network. We have a first-class solution for every type of goods. With our solutions we deliver your shipments safe and secure and efficiently to their final destination.